Abundant Community Initiative – Mahogany & Copperfield

JAN 14-20

In 2018 Mahogany & Copperfield are going to be piloting Calgary’s first Abundant Community Initiative, based off of a program that has been transforming neighbourhoods for years. Our local City Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator, City Councillor, MLA, MHOA General Manager, Copperfield & Mahogany Community Association and the MHOA Volunteer Committee are all supporting this endeavour. It is a simple one and a beautiful one. If any of this has resonated with you we would love to connect with you.


“When my family and I moved into our home three Christmases ago it would have been impossible to anticipate the gifts we were about to receive. Those gifts—far better than any gifts under our tree, were our soon-to-be discovered, newfound friends and family…

Our neighbours.

Mahogany was not our first experience with having great neighbours. Our last home was surrounded with neighbours that took an active interest in our lives. These amazing people and others before, taught us the value of being a good neighbour. Yet Mahogany has been different.


One way is how Mahogany has completely transformed the way I see a house, a street and a neighbourhood. In the past my neighbourhood was the playground down the block, the school across the busy street, the place for my house—but my home? No, even with the memories attached to the physical place of my neighbourhood I always knew that my home was where my people were. My mom, dad and sisters, my nuclear family. There my neighbours were not yet my people. They were just incidental features of my place—some to be enjoyed and others to be avoided.

Now… our neighbourhood, our street and houses are increasingly the places of our people. We have connected and found friends and even family here. People whose livelihoods, happiness and futures are intertwining just like a nuclear family! It has been an incredibly rich experience, even as it has been difficult at times as well, just like a real family.

I share this because when neighbours start to see each other as more than incidental pieces of their lives—everything changes. In a world bent on sowing animosity and suspicion we can all do our part to bring people and communities together. Many are already discovering concrete ways of doing this by finding, as I and my family are, that our people are right next door and across the street.”


To connect or stay informed about this program as it unfolds you can follow our Facebook page or email Evan (vcchair@mahoganyhoa.com)

I look forward to partnering with you in making our communities better and better for all of us!

Evan Spencer
Abundant Community Catalyst

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