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Mahogany Youth Arts

Fostering growth in our community and building into the culture of visual arts, we begin a journey of exploring the creativity in Mahogany. The Mahogany Youth Volunteer Committee will first be working with high school students and together, presenting art pieces which we hope builds into the future of our arts culture in our community. This will be limited to high students for the time being, to build into our youth programming in Mahogany.

We hope to launch events to display and monetize our efforts and there will be a review of work that will be displayed. NOT ALL WORK WILL BE DISPLAYED. Sold artwork will benefit the community but more importantly our students.

We hope to launch a music component soon. Please visit our Facebook Group: Mahogany Arts if you are interested. Parents can contact Ramon Ico through the Facebook group for any questions they may have.
Our first meeting is this Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Please have your high school student bring examples of work; pictures on phones, etc. Bring a sketch pad and pencil as well.



This latest newsletter includes an important petition regarding property taxes, please click here to read more:


Please Note: A message from the City of Calgary

The City of Calgary has lifted the fire ban:

There are no fire bans or advisories currently in effect.
We continue to ask that citizens use caution when disposing of smoking materials or using outdoor open flames like barbeques and backyard fire pits

For more information please visit their website: 

Blanket Exercise Event

Please join us at the Mahogany Beach Club on October 17th from 7:00-10:00 pm for a unique and important event!

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise covers over 500 years of history in a one and a half hour participatory workshop. Participants take on the roles of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Standing on blankets that represent the land, they walk through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. They are directed by facilitators representing narrators and the European colonizers. Participants are drawn into the experience by reading scrolls and carrying cards which ultimately determine their outcomes. By engaging people on an emotional and intellectual level, the Blanket Exercise effectively educates and increases empathy. The exercise is followed by a debriefing session in which participants have the opportunity to discuss the experience as a group in the form of a talking circle.

This event is for participants aged 13 and older. This is a free even and refreshments will be served! Please RSVP to the Facebook event entitled “Mahogany Blanket Exercise” or by email to


Here is the latest newsletter!