Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee is a group of individuals that want to make Mahogany the best community in Calgary. They are committed to meeting once a month and work in teams to put together events, activities, and initiatives that keep everyone connected and informed. They also liaise with the city, the Marquis De Lorne Community Association (MDLCA), and other groups to stay on top of issues such as transit, safety and security, and schools.


Volunteer Committee Executive Roles

This group helps to organize the volunteer committee, oversee the activities of the group, and work with the Mahogany Homeowners Association General Manager and Board of Directors.

Executive Chair - Evan Spencer (chairpersonsocialvc@mahoganyhoa.com)

Executive Vice Chair - Kristy O’Grady (vcvicechair@mahoganyhoa.com)

Operations Committee Chair- Chris Thurber (chairmanoperationsvc@mahoganyhoa.com)

Social Committee Chair - Evan Spencer (chairpersonsocialvc@mahoganyhoa.com)

Events Committee Chair - Mark Scantlebury (events@mahoganyhoa.com)

Sponsorship and Communications Chair - Jehn Scantlebury (sponsors@mahoganyhoa.com)

Volunteer Facilitator - VACANT (volunteers@mahoganyhoa.com)

Treasurer - Murney Johnson (vctreasurer@mahoganyhoa.com)

Secretary - Liz Miller


Operations Sub-Committee Roles

Safety & Security Chair – Eric Ellis (safetyandsecurity@mahoganyhoa.com)

Schools Chair VACANT (schools@mahoganyhoa.com)

Transit ChairVACANT (transit@mahoganyhoa.com)

Environmental Chair - Ken Jackson/Cory Coljee-Gray (environment@mahoganyhoa.com)

MDLCA Liaison – Kerry Skrapec (mdlca@mahoganyhoa.com)

Secretary - Kerry Skrapec


Social Sub-Committee Roles

Community Support Chair – Breanne Laidlaw (communitysupport@mahoganyhoa.com)

Dinner Club Chair - Patricia Truong (dinnerclub@mahoganyhoa.com)

Fishing Chair – John Baldwin (fishing@mahoganyhoa.com)

Sports Chair – Steven Laidlaw (sports@mahoganyhoa.com)

Youth Chair- Oliver Brown/Kristen Brown (youthprograms@mahoganyhoa.com)

Secretary - Liz Miller


Sponsorship and Communication Sub-Committee Roles

Newsletter Editor – Dawn McKay (communications@mahoganyhoa.com)

**This role will be available in the summer.  Contact Dawn to get involved today!


Treasurer Sub-Committee Roles

Fundraising and Grants Chair – Carmen Cordova (fundraising@mahoganyhoa.com)


Vacant Roles

Most committees are always looking for some help.  Please contact a committee chair directly if you are interested in getting involved.  If you are interested in any of the vacant chair roles, please contact the parent role above or volunteers@mahoganyhoa.com for more information.